Christian County Missouri

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History of Christian County

  • March 8, 1859, Christian County  became the 113th of Missouri's 114 counties.
  • County land was taken from portions of Greene, Taney and Webster Counties,  
  • Mrs. Neaves, a landowner hesitant to lose her citizenship of Greene County in order to join the proposed county, agreed to do so if it were named for her former Kentucky residence, Christian County.
  • When the federal government moved numerous native tribes from the east to this area in the early 1820's,   Earlier settlers of the area left, but returned when the natives were moved to Kansas City. 
  • This  area re-opened for settlement in 1833.  Many of the earliest arrivals  were 
  • Alabama, and Mississippi.
  • Settlements and lifestyle began along the waterways.
  • The James and Finley Rivers attracted settlers, and watermills sprung up.  
  • Along Bull Creek, Swan Creek and other streams, residents in the 1880's supplemented their incomes with spas and illegal stills.
  • Trout hatcheries also enjoyed success.
  •  Many social activities centered about the streams.
  • from Kentucky, Tennessee, the Carolinas, Virginia, Maryland,
  • Historically, Lead mines, dairy farms and cheese factories, subsistence farming, tie and timber companies, tomato farms and canneries, logging and oak furniture manufacturing, and gristmills set the foundation for a thriving communities.
  • Today  manufacturing continues to play a role in plastics, electric motors, apparel, stretch limousines, boat trailers, vinegar and safes. Other strong industries are construction, real estate, banking, antiques and handicrafts.
     Welcome to Christian County, Missouri
Christian County  is located between Springfield and Branson Missouri and provides its residents with quick access to major urban areas while providing a small town living experience.
Christian County is the fastest growing county in the state with approxi-mately 78,000 citizens in 554 square miles.
Christian County provides excellent schools and offers a meriad  of regional educational opportunities for all ages in higher education and skilled labor learning.
There are opportunities for recreation and employment in our  area  especially for entrepreneurs.
Medical Care
Superior medical care is available nearby with two large hospital campuses in Springfield as well as smaller hospitals, trauma centers and clinics strategically placed throughout the region.